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Children in Years 1-6 have one Humanities lesson a week. The lessons are taught as part of a half-termly topic. Each topic has either a historical or geographical focus. As well as learning skills and knowledge directly related to History and Geography, Humanities lessons also allow reinforcement of essential mathematical and English skills and knowledge. 

In History, the children have the opportunity to learn about events and people in London, England and the Ancient World. Our Geography curriculum explores the local area and the rest of the UK and makes comparisons with countries in other areas of the world. In both areas, there is the opportunity to reflect on how the past has shaped the UK and the World today and the effect our actions today may have on the future wellbeing of the planet.

The location of New City enables us to enrich our curriculum with visits to the fantastic parks and museums that London offers.

Websites to use at home

Woodlands Junior School Resources
BBC Primary History
Sheppard Software Geography games