R.E. International Exchange – A Virtual Visit to India

Year 3 were lucky to be invited on a virtual visit to India. They met with a class of children from our partner school, Vega School in India. They gave a very informative presentation on Hindu festivals and religious celebrations. This links in wonderfully with our RE learning all about light and Diwali this term. The children then had an opportunity to ask questions about festivals in India. Children from the Vega school then asked us questions about religions in our school.

Children had the opportunity to discuss similarities and differences between Holi, Diwali, Christmas, Eid and other religious festivals.

The aim of this activity was to enable children to foster a deep understanding and tolerance of different religions and beliefs and to understand what makes one belong to a certain group. 

“I really enjoyed getting to know how people celebrate Diwali, the festival of light that marks the start of the New Year.  They told us why light is important for them and how houses, shops and public places are decorated with small oil lamps called 'diyas’."
- Rebecca (Year 3)

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