Black History month at New City

This month New City are celebrating Black History Month. Years 1-6 completed workshops looking into key historical figures such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks as well as looking at racism in society today. The students produced some fantastic work including; collages, posters, poems, plays and presentations. Well Done New City!

Zara in 6B  has written a poem called Go to the back Rosa Parks

Go to the Back Rosa Parks

By Zara 6B

Go to the back of the bus Rosa Parks,
Go to the back and stay,
“No I won’t, I think that’s unfair
And I’m just too tired today”

But everyone knows the rules, Rosa Parks,
Everyone knows if you are black,
You can’t eat at white restaurants,
And on buses, you sit at the back.

So now it’s time to move Rosa Parks,
“No, I'm not moving at all,
I’ve got a voice and I’m going to use it,
And thousands will hear the call.”

“We’re coming to sit with you Rosa Parks”
Black and white did say
“We’re coming to change America,
And bring equality here to stay!”

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