Poem by Saara - 5B An Everlasting Dream

An Everlasting Dream

By Saara Ahmed – 5B

In the middle of a dark, dull, misty night,
The shining stars were as bright as the diamond
Laid a beautiful girl, with soft silky brunette hair,
Freckles and vibrant green eyes.

Ecstatically, she woke up from her gob-smacking dream.
Recollecting every minute detail of her incredible experience.
Out of bed, she puts on her fluffy slippers and brings her diary,
Writing slowly, trying to remember every fleeting thought that passes by.

The dream begins underneath the water,
The water was as green as a mermaid’s tale, with a slight tinge of blue mist.
The coral was as pink as the blossoms of the magnolia tree, with neon
Rainbow fishes swimming through a coral reef.
It was like a tropical garden that had never existed before.

She carried with her a BBQ grill, patties, buns and fries,
Now….you may be thinking that the food could possibly be soggy.
But this magical and heavenly place was perfect; it was a land where people could practically live.

Yet, the sound of her mother’s voice awoke her from this bizarre, yet astonishing dream.
Coming to the realisation that it was her fifth birthday.
Conflicting emotions played on her mind;
Dismal that the dream had ended, thrilled as it was her birthday.

The scent of sweet water lingered in the air
Vivid images embedded at the back of her mind.
A dream that she believed would never come true, yet mesmerising.
This was heaven.


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