Global Citizens poetry

Recently our children have been thinking about our role as Global Citizens.

Please read Aminah's poem!

Global Citizens

By Aminah Khan

We need to be Global Citizens now
When the world heals up don’t give me a wow
We told you and showed you and shouted what’s true
When you realise I’ll tell you I knew

Let’s start with deforestation
Seriously it’s an abomination
Just use less paper
Be a saver

Wildfires destroy tress, animals, plants and land
They all lie in our hands
Come on let’s come together
The trust needs to be forever

As days past
We need to think fast
Global warming’s getting bigger
Let’s start to consider

Things are getting worse
It’s as if it’s a curse
Let’s use our 5Cs
Care, Courtesy, Commitment, Co-operation, Consideration
Let’s come together as one nation.

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