Why is Punctuality Important?

Being on time: 

  • Gets your child's day off to a good start and puts them in a positive frame of mind, so that they can make the most of their learning opportunities.
  • Sets positive patterns for the future. Pupils need to understand the importance of good punctuality.
  • Leads to a good attendance record and means they do not miss any morning notices.
  • Leads to better achievement because pupils attend the WHOLE of their classes.
  • Leads to understanding that school is important and education is valuable.
  • Helps pupils develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and towards others and is a sign of good character.
  • Is respectful to their teacher and to their classmates and builds good habits for later in life when their employer pays them to be on time.
  • Good punctuality is very important indeed. Research shows that attendance and punctuality are the single most important factors in school success.
  • Any late arrivals (after the bell has rang) will be recorded by Ms Dolan and Ms Tokeley
  • All late arrivals will register with Ms. Dolan or Ms Tokeley
  • Persistent lateness will be followed up with a meeting and this will be closely monitored.
  • Children can begin to line up from 8.15 am at the start of the day. The school bell will be rung at 8.25 am and learning will begin at 8.30am. After this time children will be late.
  • The school day ends at 2.50 pm and we expect children to be collected on time. Any late children will be taken to our after school provision and a payment will be required for this service.