Why is Punctuality Important?

Being on time: 

  • Gets your child's day off to a good start and puts them in a positive frame of mind, so that they can make the most of their learning opportunities. 
  • Sets positive patterns for the future. Pupils need to understand the importance of good punctuality.
  • Leads to a good attendance record and means they do not miss any morning notices. 
  • Leads to better achievement because pupils attend the WHOLE of their classes.
  • Leads to understanding that school is important and education is valuable. 
  • Helps pupils develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and towards others and is a sign of good character. 
  • Is respectful to their teacher and to their classmates and builds good habits for later in life when their employer pays them to be on time. 
  • Good punctuality is very important indeed. Research shows that attendance and punctuality are the single most important factors in school success. 
  • Any late arrivals (after the bell has rang) will be recorded by Ms Dolan and Ms Tokeley
  • All late arrivals will register with Ms. Dolan or Ms Tokeley
  • Persistent lateness will be followed up with a meeting and this will be closely monitored.
  • Children must be lined up ready for their learning by 8:40. The bell is rung at 8:45. After this time children will be late!