Mr Freeland and the Penguin Event

On Tuesday, our Deputy Head Boy and Girl (Bobby and Chanelle) were invited to speak a special event organised by Penguin Random House called ‘Penguin Presents!’. Penguin Random House is one of the largest publishes of books in the world and this event, held at Magazine London in Greenwich, had been organised as a celebration for over fifteen-hundred of their staff. Bobby and Chanelle were invited as pupil librarians to join the talented author Nathan Bryon (Look up!, Clean up! and Speak up!) on stage to answer a few questions about their favourite books and what they love most about their in-class libraries. We could have not been prouder of them both as they took the stage in front of fifteen-hundred people and spoke with such passion and confidence. Their performance was so impressive that the CEO of Penguin Random House, Tom Weldom, came back stage to congratulate the pair on such a brilliant talk.  They were also fortunate enough to rub shoulders with some of the world’s most famous and renowned authors such as Richard Osman and the one and only, Michael Rosen. 

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