Eco Warriors 2023-24

Eco Warriors 2023-24.jpg

At New City, each Key Stage 2 class has a designated 'Eco-warrior'; Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have a year group Eco-warrior. The role of an Eco Warrior is to help care for our school environment: they help others to follow our eco-code, monitor our energy use in the school, and encourage teachers and children to recycle. The Eco Warriors meet once every half term to take part in discussions and votes and feedback any relevant information to their class. 

Following the nationally recognised Eco-school's program, their additional role is to promote global citizenship throughout the school through planting, litter picking and many more varied activities.

Last year, New City managed to achieve the Eco-school's Green Flag award for the first time! This year's Eco- warriors will be attempting to repeat this success. We wish them the very best of luck and thank them for their hard work and dedication to improving the school.