Christmas Poems

Over the last few week children in Key Stage 2 have been writing Christmas poetry for a local competition. The winning poems will be published by the Plaistow Community.

The following poems have been written by the children and the  winners to be published by the Plaistow Community.

Christmas Poem – Manahil, 4W

Christmas time is waited for throughout the year
Houses are filled with presents like teddy bears 
Ringing bells are heard everywhere 
I think its time for Christmas to be here 
Stockings hang on the edge of beds 
Trees are decorated in gold and red
Mince pies all delicious and hot
A baby born in a manger
Singing with joy and shouting because tomorrow it is Christmas day!

Christmas Night – Hebah, 4H

The lights are blinking, 
And the stars are twinkling, 
With the moon giving light, 
That serves us throughout the dark night. 

A feast on the table,
To be served in every home, 
Time to celebrate the night, 
With all of these lovely people. 

As the Christmas songs play, 
And children are carolling away, 
Feel the spirit of Christmas through everyone’s good heart. 

Christmas light and trees, 
How wonderful it really is,
Place the gifts under the tree, 
For all of the children to come and see! 

Christmas – Beatrix, 6B

One crisp winter’s night, 
Through the clouds, a star shone bright, 
One that night, two thousand years ago 
Came the holiday of cheer and snow. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! 
Our Holy Lord has had a son, 
Jesus Christ is his name, 
The King of the world he became. 

Ever since that fateful night 
Through the clouds, a star shines bright, 
It watches over us, wise and tall 
So MERRY CHRISTMAS, one and all! 

Christmas Magic – Samia, 6B

Hooray! Hooray! Christmas is here, 
Can’t wait to see the reindeer, 
Snow flakes are falling, 
Let’s look in the stockings as Christmas time draws near. 

Gifts sit under the Christmas tree, 
As children sing free, 
Cheerfully making a snowman, 
The mistletoe shines, 
As Christmas time draws near. 

Santa is coming, 
Christmas lights are flashing, 
The new year is drawing near, 
Joy and happiness are here, 
Merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

Merry Christmas  - Darius, 6F

Everyone is jolly, 
Everyone is happy, 
We call this time Christmas 
And it is time to have fun! 

Do not be gloomy, 
Appreciate the beauty, 
Just look at the stars 
And wish for what you most want. 

No time to worry, 
No need to hurry, 
Take time to relax, 
Be thankful and glad. 

Never feel lonely, 
You have a friend in me, 
I give you this card to say
Merry Christmas!

Christmas – Ella, 3D

Christmas Christmas once a year, 
Christmas Chrstmas the time is near! 

Christmas Christmas Let’s shout and cheer, 
Christmas Christmas the day is here! 

Christmas Christmas it is time to play, 
Christmas Christmas let’s all say hooray! 

Merry Christmas – Daria, 3D

Cold as ice, 
Squeaking like excited mice! 
On Christmas eve, 
There’s something bright. 
There shines a light 
As bright as the sun in the sky! 

In the night, 
Snow drips down 
Like a cloud! 

It’s Christmas day….
My Christmas wish is to say
Merry Christmas! 


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