Random Acts of Kindness-raising money for our partner school in Uganda

At New City Primary School we believe mental health is very important and we celebrated Children’s Mental Health Week in February. Throughout the week, pupils engaged in a range of activities to support their mental health and wellbeing, and we particularly focused on how being kind to ourselves and others can be beneficial. We encouraged every pupil to make a ‘pledge’ to do an Act of Kindness each day over the week and ask their friends and family members to sponsor them e.g. £1 for making their bed every day for the week, or helping a sibling with homework. All of the money raised went to our partner school, Jireh Rainbow Nursery & Primary School, in Kampala, Uganda as they have had terrible flooding recently and it has meant they were not able to use their classrooms and learn. There is a bank of research evidencing that giving to others and engaging in social activism, as our pupils did through their acts of kindness, has a positive impact on mental health. We raised money for them to fix their school, and prevent against future flooding.  

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