Our School Council

This week our School Council met the catering company to discus the meals at New City. They took feedback from all the children and our catering company listened and took notes! 

Here is a poem that they shared:

Our lunches

Today is Monday, the start of the week,
Our school menu on the wall, we take a peek,
Lovely hot food, waiting to be eaten,
Lots of dishes, some fried, some beaten,

We look at the clock, its nearly lunch time,
A big red tray, and on its all mine,
The ladies say “Hello”, with a lovely smile,
They work so hard ,and on my plate, they pile

“Have a lovely day “I hear them say,
I take my tray, then I’m on my way,
Scrumptious, Delicious, describes it best,
I taste the food, to take the test,

Today is pizza, the children are excited,
Just like pizza hut, we are more than delighted,
We finish our lunch, with a full up tummy,
I could eat that again, as it was so yummy ,

Its not finished there, there’s more to come,
As our lovely desert is second to none,
Yogurt, cake and custard, you have a choice
Because In our school we have a VOICE!!
Thank you for listening to our suggestions

New City School Council

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