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New City Primary School Vision for Sport and Physical Education

At New City Primary School, we believe that PE is vital to children’s physical, emotional and social development as well as their health. PE enables children to develop their self-confidence and competence in a variety of physical activities. It is important that children are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities so that they are more likely to continue to be physically active throughout their lives.

At New City, we aim to be a school where physical education caters to the needs and aspirations of each child, and where every child has the opportunity to take part in a sport.  We aim to achieve this by providing a range of curricular and extra-curricular pursuits, which foster the full potential of each child.

Anisah Shafi 
PE Coordinator

Use of sports premium impact report 2021/22

Please click on the link to view the info for National curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety.

Use of Sports Premium 2021-2022

Details of action to be taken: Lead responsibility Resource implications Monitoring arrangements, timeline and outcome. Impact
Actions Aims this year  

To continue to support all teachers with the planning and teaching of PE across the school through:

  • Team teaching with PA/coaches

  • CPD training

  • Additional coaches (Multisport, Cheerleading, Zumba, Tennis, Gymnastics, Baseball, Dance, Seated Volleyball, Tai Chi, Salsa)

  • Planning available for staff to use.

  • Training for all staff


Dance coach (1 term) - £660

Zumba coach (1 term) - £180 (1hr per week)

Cheerleading – (2 terms) - £600

Tai Chi coach (1 term – 3hr per week) - £1,050

Salsa – (half term) £480

Multisport – (2
Monitored termly by AS & PA
terms) £1,560

Total for year:
£ 4,530

Monitored termly by AS & PA



Join the Southern Road Schools Partnership.

Continue to develop links with other schools in Southern Road Partnership and outside sporting organisations to arrange competitions. 

Termly meetings with PE coordinators from Boleyn Trust to discuss and organise tournaments.


SSP: £4000

Time for PA to organise competitions.

Monitored by AS & PA  

To continue to offer a wide range of after school clubs-

  • Gymnastics, cheerleading, multisport, tennis, football, archery, netball, basketball

Coach Price incl in total (see above)


Monitored by AS & PA 



Continue to offer top-up swimming lessons for pupils in Year 5.


Term 1 - £1305.75

Term 2 and 3 - £2,263.30

Total: £3,569.05


To run an annual sports day inclusive of all pupils. (Years 1-6 – Brampton Park)

Additional sports day for Reception pupils organised on site.


No purchases currently needed



To maintain and develop best resources including SEN resources to encourage maximum participation in a wide range of sports and activities.

Outdoor playground equipment – ActivAll Boards


Outdoor basketball hoops - £119.98

Basketball hoops (portable) - £579.98

Basketballs - £92.98

Frisbees - £21.57

Badminton Rackets - £179.68

Footballs - £201.32

Netballs - AS & PA £95.99

Shuttlecocks - £9.59

Zsignet mini tennis nets - £147.98

Bike repair - £500

Handballs - £165.46

Foldable goals - £50.39

Hockey set - £95.99

ActivAll Boards - £3,780

Total = £6,040.91




Establishing school teams across a range of sports. Competition entries.

PA, AS, Class Teachers

£15 – Boys Football Tournament

Ongoing AS & PA



Outdoor displays in the playgrounds to promote PE vision and values


Outdoor boards x6 - £323.94

Total: £1943.64



Promoting sporting activities within the school, to the parents/ guardians and the wider community via local media (newsletter, school website, Newham Mag etc).

Variety of sports and activities from outside sporting organisations (ActivNewham, London Youth Rowing, etc)

AS/PA Whole school

Ongoing- Time to update website and organise information for newsletters.

Ongoing monitoring


External activities and trips Internal activities/workshops Athlete visits


Total: £1100


Total Predicted Expenditure: £21,198.60

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