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At New City, we aim to deliver a high-quality geography curriculum which ignites a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people, and an understanding of the role that we all play in ensuring the future well-being of our planet.  We want our pupils to gain an extensive knowledge of diverse places, the people who live there and the human and physical processes that occur.  Equipped with this knowledge, they should develop a deep understanding of the interaction between human and physical environments and the impact this has had, and continues to have, on the Earth.  Ultimately, our aim is to produce pupils who are wholly committed to the notion of Global Citizenship.

As an integral part of ensuring this knowledge and understanding, we also aim to develop essential geographical skills which will enable pupils to collect data , interpret a range of sources of geographical information and communicate findings in a variety of ways. 

This week, Year 2 have visited Brampton Park to find out all about how the park is used by the community. As part of our geography field work, we used maps with a key to identify what spaces in the park were being used and what they were used for. We found out that lots of people use the park to walk their dogs and to play sports.