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At New City Primary School we provide our pupils a science curriculum which prepares them for the 21st Century. Pupils begin their science learning journey in Nursery where guided exploratory play is key to developing enquiring minds. Working scientifically skills are embedded throughout the curriculum to enable our pupils to understand the value of science in context.

Science knowledge at New City is built on through our primary school as topics are revisited throughout a child’s primary school life. Pupils learn about natural phenomena and the world around them. Some topics covered and revisited are: Animals including Humans, Living Things and their Habitats, Plants, Materials, Forces and Electricity. We follow the National Curriculum as a basis and then provide further opportunities for our pupils through workshops, educational visits and clubs.

Every year we take part in a Science week which sparks children’s enthusiasm for the subject even further through workshops, assemblies and a range of science enquiries in lessons.


Science at New City Spring 2022

In Nursery the children have been learning about magnets.


Reception children have been exploring jungle animals, linked to their book of the week Superchimp. They have been engaging with the tigers and the sounds they make, 'rooaaaar'. Children have also been exploring invertebrates - Nurtaj identified it's a spider and said 'spiders live outside, they have 8 legs'.

Year 1
Year 1 have been learning about materials. They have been describing their properties and when we would use different materials.

Year 2
Year 2 have learnt about how to keep themselves healthy. They investigated the effects of different exercises on our bodies


Year 3
In year 3, after studying all about different types of rocks they explored how this relates to our Earth and where these rocks can be found.


Year 4
Year 4 have started their unit on solids, liquids and gases by researching one of the very first alchemists, a female scientist known at Maria the Jewess. They are now treading in her footsteps by learning about different properties of solids, liquids and gases.


Year 5
Year 5 have been learning about reproduction and have compared gestation periods of different mammals. They were surprised to discover how long some gestation periods are.

Year 6
This half term Year 6 are learning about Classification systems, they begun the unit by researching the famous botanist and zoologist, Carl Linnaeus.



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