Creative writing competition in Y6

Ms Barge has been running a creative writing competition in Y6 with the title 'Controlling the Weather' . We have been very inspired by a  poem written by Tasmi in 6K (below) - it is one of the best pieces of poetry that we  have read this year. 

Controlling The Weather:

Controlling the weather isn’t as easy as it seems,
I used to dream about it in my dreams.
But know that I’ve been forced into my position,
I should tell you how my dearest ambition
became a dreaded occupation.

I am the embodiment of the weather,
something that brings people together.
But for others ruthless lives to be better,
I must be the one to suffer.

My mind is a thunderstorm.
It roars with a blaring wave of rage,
yet cries when trapped in a cage;
it petrifies many
but kills rarely.

My heart is a rainbow.
It blossoms when it finds perfect skies
but when the sun stops shining 
and the clouds stop crying,
It fades away with tearful eyes.

My eyes are the clouds.
They can try to cover what I see
but there will always be a shadow left behind.
They sob when happiness is all that I can swallow,
yet they wail when I’m drowning in sorrow.

Controlling the weather isn’t as easy it seems,
therefore I implore you to not remember it in your dreams.

By: Tasmi Kazi(6K)

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