Black History Month at New City​

During October, New City has been celebrating Black History Month. We’ve had assemblies in our classes and each class looked at a significant person in black history and found out how they have made a positive impact in the world and how they inspire us to do the same. Paige has been sharing stories from Black History with her class every day. Brianna's poem highlights why BHM is important and Chanelle explained why Idris Elba inspired her. We have even been writing lots of poems based on Benjamin Zephaniah. Israel has written a beautiful poem about Refugees. 

Here are the 2 poems by Brianna and Israel.

Black History Month Poem by Israel (6W)

I come from Great Britain
Where the parks are delightful
But still, people don’t let me play
Because I am black.

I come from London,
Where people see you and stare
Even when I try to go shopping
And they laugh

I come from a nation of football,
Where teams play from all over,
But I can’t join in.
This makes me sad.

I come from a black culture
Where you cannot disobey the law.
You travel miles just for water.
And wear a balaclava if your face is messed up by the war.

We can all be refugees
We don’t have to be black
to be a refugee
You can come from anywhere
You just need to know how it feels
to be attacked in a place
You thought was safe


Black History Month Poem by Brianna (5B)

Grab some Spanish, Turkish, French and Italian,
A touch of Mandarin and Arabic,
And a dash of Dutch
Mix some Japanese and then stir.

Combine pasta, chicken, fried rice and jelly,
A pinch of banku and fish and chips,
Add some spice,
Then add bitter sweet sushi,
Add salt and pepper,
Let it cook for an hour.

We need some more ingredients.
Sneak in Asda, some churches and hospitals,
Plaistow Park for some peace and quiet.
Any my secret ingredients are courtesy, cooperation, consideration, care and commitment.

And enjoy!!

Warning: treat ingredients fairly and equally or everything will be in chaos!

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