Summer School at New City 2021

This Summer we were lucky enough to run a Summer School for over 80 children in the first 3 weeks of the holidays. The  Summer School was sponsored by Open Doors which is an initiative that unlocks safe spaces in local communities for young people to develop through the power of sport. During the Summer School John McAvoy, who is the advocate for Open Doors visited the provision. McAvoy is an Ironman Triathlete and former convicted armed robber. Growing up in a marginalised  community, his improvised family groomed him to lead a life of crime from the time he was a young teenager. He is an inspiration to everyone for his determination to turn his life around and as you can see from the photos he took part in lots of activities during his visit. Perri shakes-Drayton and Jack Burnell also visited the Summer School.

Thank you to all the staff and children for taking part in a wonder 3 weeks of activity! Well done New City!

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