Music at New City

This has been a very musical week at New City! We have live and virtually delivered interactive performances for Reception and KS1.

The week started with 30 children from Year 2 watching a live, virtual performance by musicians from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. They were shown the clarinet and the double bass and explored lots of music which had the theme of playground games. The children enjoyed taking part, especially when they played a backwards word game.

Our musical week continued with Reception and Year 1 watching a musical called Errol’s Garden performed by the Golden Toad Theatre Company in our hall! The children loved listening to the songs and joining in on their snail hunt.

But it didn’t stop there... on Wednesday, Reception and Year 1 took part in a workshop based around the musical Errol’s Garden which focused on recycling, planting and becoming global citizens. 

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