Earth Day

At New City we have a shared vision of global citizenship: producing children who understand that they have a part to play in ensuring the earth's well-being through helping to maintain a balance between human and physical processes.  The children and staff are passionate about global citizenship and it pervades all aspects of school life: lessons, Earth Day competition with winning posters displayed in each classroom, recycling crisp packets, Eco Warriors.
On Thursday, the 22nd April it was 'Earth Day' and to commemorate this we had a competition running for all children. The theme was 'What are you doing to save the planet whilst at home?' This included ideas on recycling, up-cycling, turning off lights and reducing our energy consumption. The children created posters, persuasive writing pieces and videos.

The year 4 children learned about climate change and endangered animals in science and geography and they exchanged valuable ideas with the year 5 children from Veda School in New Delhi. Children did some research on the decline in number of some animals in the UK and India and they asked each other questions about the reasons for this. The purpose of this exchange was to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection, to learn more about recycling and explore how we can reduce waste in our local area and to spark a passion in students that will drive them to do their part to take care of the Earth.

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