'My week in China' - fun learning Mandarin

Every day last week the children from Y6 all took part in 1-hour online lessons learning titled ‘My week in China’.

They learnt key words and phrases in Mandarin and about Chinese culture, how they lead their daily lives, their beliefs and traditions.

“It’s a fun and interactive experience and it helps us increase our knowledge in Mandarin. The teachers are very attentive with us and help us with pronunciation. They made sure that we can understand and they were very kind and respectful."

“We learnt about how to say new words and phrases in Mandarin such as 'Happy Birthday'. We also learnt about different traditions and what people do during parties and festivals such as the Dragon festival."

"I really enjoyed it because we got to play mini games that help us with pronunciation. The teacher explained the new words in a very easy and fun way so it was a great experience."

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