Able Writers Workshop for Y3/4 with Neal Zetter

On Wednesday this week, pupils from years 3 and 4 were invited to take part in a writing workshop led by renowned performance poet Neal Zetter. The pupils watched Neal perform several of his amusing and rhythmic poems which inspired them to plan and write a poem of their own. In the afternoon, pupils worked in groups to write a performance poem and then perform this (with appropriate actions) to the whole group! The New City poets excelled and were inspired by the day to write further poetry. ​

Poem written by Bobby, 4W

In the world today.....
English tourists come in and out 
Some explore and stop to stay in luxury hotels. 
One timid tourist went on a tumultuous tour and got hopelessly lost. 

Some explorers find rare fresh flowers, 
Some find mysterious temples and ruins. 
For some the aim is to find hidden treasure 
But for others the mystery is enough....

Some tribes surround a fire shouting 
Crack! Bang! Pop! The flames dance across the logs 
and shadows dance on the dancers. 

The world today looks different for different people. ​

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