Maths 22/2/2022 Day

On TWOsday 22nd February 2022, New City celebrated the unique palindrome date of 22.02.2022. 

In early years, the children went on a treasure hunt looking for the number 2 and objects and pictures associated with the number 2.

In year 1 and 2 the children completed task linked to doubling. Year 3 and 4 used their knowledge of the two times table to complete different activities. Year 5 and 6, were given the task of completing the 'Twosday  Challenge' in which they had to use their knowledge of all four operations and BIDMAS to complete a set of calculations. A unique date and unique day for all at New City ended with the children competing against each other in Kahoot quizzes linked to the number 2. The next palindrome date will be in the year 2030! 

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